Saturday, November 08, 2008

Texas Tech is Number One

Tech lays 56 points on Oklahoma State, where the Cowboys were averaging only 21 ppg surrendered. The worst they had surrendered this year was 37.

Tech had 629 total yards, where Oklahoma State averaged 357.4 ypg given up going into the contest.

Not even a question - The Red Raiders are the nation's number one team, and Alabama slips to second.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what happens when Texas Tech plays a real defense, like Florida's.

They remind me of a better version of Hawaii last year. A pure system QB puts up monster numbers in a conference with poor defenses.

DolFan 316 said...

I'm not a big fan of any team going from #7 (I think that's where Texas Tech was before the Texas game) to #1 in 2 weeks even when the former #1 team doesn't lose.

IMO everyone's making the classic mistake of getting all hot and bothered over high scoring offense when defense wins championships and that's why when the dust settles an SEC team will be champs again.

Oh, and the last time Alabama and Texas Tech played, Bama won 13-10. With Mike Shula coaching. Just saying is all.

Mergz said...

As you all know there is no one more a champion of defense than I.

As of last night Texas Tech ranks 48th in scoring defense as 22.2 ppg, well beyond that which I think is sufficient to win a BCS title.

I did a post early in the year about common characteristics of BCS champions by statistical ranking, and Texas Tech is well outside the norm. Chances are Oklahoma gets them next weekend. I am ranking them 1 right now from a resume standpoint.

Interesting the teams that are "good enough" on defense this year still with a shot at the BCS are -


Penn State and Ohio State are also "good enough", but I am assuming they are both finished.

We Gators also need to watch out for the 10th ranked defense in the nation - South Carolina.

Andrew said...

Tech has beaten two ranked teams all year. Granted they were highly ranked, but remember your post a few weeks ago about the Big 12 front loading their schedule? I think you were on to something. I'll put Tech #1 if they take down OU, but until then, I'm not buying it.