Sunday, November 09, 2008

Another Week...

...another "top" defense shredded by the Gator offense.

Going into the game Vandebilt surrendered an average of 16.5 ppg, good enough for a top 12 ranking nationally.

After Florida's 42 points, the Commodores are 26th nationally, giving up 19.3 ppg.

This is the 4th consecutive game that Florida has thrown an SEC defense down the national rankings, scoring 51 on LSU, 63 on Kentucky, 49 on Georgia, and now 42 on Vandy.

Incidently at 42.78 ppg the 2008 Gators are currently the 3rd best offense in Florida history, behind 1995 and 1996 (42.92 and 47 ppg respectively), and just ahead of last year's 42.46.

No time to rest though, as Florida faces in the coming weeks (in nationally ranked scoring defenses) -

10th ranked South Carolina - 15.6 ppg
26th ranked FSU - 19.3 ppg
7th ranked Alabama - 13.1 ppg


Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever been this confident in a Florida team, our defense is as good or better than it was in 2006, and frankly I think our offense is scarier now than it was last year.

Mergz said...

If our history has taught us anything, Florida confidence is usually followed by Florida disasters.

jj gator said...

Mergz, don't play the devil's advocate. Sure we won the SEC East title on Saturday night, but Coach Meyer will have this team ready for South Carolina this week. We secured a spot to go to Atlanta, NOW we need to work on securing a BCS berth - and even better, a shot at the national title.

Once again Meyer used the "gag" rule on this team, and I like this - this is one way of keeping our kids focused on the game at hand for that week.

The way I see it, the Carolina gane and our last regular-season game against that clown college out west should be played to boster our BCS standings and rack up some more "style points"; our game against The Citadel should be played to establish ourselves early, get Tebow and our starters out there for a rest, and let Brantley and the second-string get some more gametime experience.

I have a good feeling about this team, but, they need to keep up the same intensity they've had since the LSU game and not let their guard down. Too much is at stake, but if everything falls into place they'll be in the right slot at the right time - and could find themselves headed to Miami for the NC game.

Georgia Buckeye said...

Maybe SEC defenses are generally over-rated, due to poor offenses in the conferences.

jj gator said...

Lest you forget Buckeye, an SEC defense beat your team for the past two years in the NC game (Florida & LSU).

Trader Rick said...

Actually the true score of the Vandy game was 49-7, but it's hard when the officials are the twelvth and thirteenth man on the field..

jj gator said...

"Actually the true score of the Vandy game was 49-7, but it's hard when the officials are the twelvth and thirteenth man on the field.."

Agreed Rick; we Gator fans know all too well about being hosed by the refs after November 2003.

DolFan 316 said...

UGH...I had completely forgotten all about that Citadel game. You just know the Gators are going to catch hell for that one.