Sunday, November 02, 2008

Scenes from The Cocktail Party

This marked my 23rd consecutive Florida-Georgia game, and the reputation as the WLOCP was well deserved, as always.

Traitor Dawg with Mergz
The sign says "I couldn't handle the losing, so I switched sides" The Traitor Dawg has been to every Cocktail Party since 2002 but one - last year's sad affair. We made sure he reappeared this year.
As for my shirt - "Florida Football, 1984 National Champions" see here.

Pregame Tailgate
Some of the crew and I get fueled for the fire.

We even took their women

By the 3rd quarter we were even taking their women, as some of my forty-something friends made good time with two well lubricated Georgia undergrads.

Anyone home?

A view of the Georgia side of the stadium. Yes, that says 10:38 left in the game. One of my favorite moments came shortly after this, when Georgia finally scored a touchdown, and the Florida fans gave them a rousing standing ovation.

Outscored, Outrushed.

It was our turn to have 180 yards on the ground. Only 65 of the Dawgs rushing came from Mr. Moreno. Best of luck in the NFL Knowshon!

Postgame Celebration

They were in our heads afterall!


Amos said...

I actually had seats in the Georgia side (you can see my friends and I in orange shirts standing up above and slightly to the left of the section 206 opening in that picture of the empty stands).

I have never met such horrible fans, and I'm not sure if I ever will. But that's besides the point I was going to make.

A few rows down from where I was sitting were 2 Georgia fans who throughout the 3rd and 4th quarter were trying to pump their fans up because they were "true fans". They even claimed that because they were "true fans" that they were staying the whole game. Until they left with a few minutes left in the 4th. Pretty much the same exact thing happened 10 rows above me.

I find it great that those who considered themselves true fans would actually leave the game early, even after claiming that because they were true fans they'd stay till the end.

mpmarsee said...

One day I'd love to get to the Planet's Biggest Solar-Powered Libation Celebration (credit for this term goes to's Andy Staples), but until that day, I have quite a bit of fun having my own indoor cocktail party while watching the Gators win another ho-hum "rivalry" game.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for remembering the bulldog this year