Friday, November 21, 2008

Saurian Sagacity Week 12 Power Rankings

And the Gators shall lead them.

1 Florida 1.000
2 Texas 0.953
3 Southern California 0.918
4 Texas Tech 0.858
5 Ohio St. 0.820
6 Oklahoma 0.814
7 Boise St. 0.778
8 Georgia 0.774
9 TCU 0.763
10 Missouri 0.728
11 North Carolina 0.718
12 Penn St. 0.716
13 Alabama 0.690
14 Utah 0.681
15 Oklahoma St. 0.678
16 Florida St. 0.643
17 Cincinnati 0.623
18 Mississippi 0.620
19 Iowa 0.616
20 LSU 0.616
21 California 0.609
22 Oregon St. 0.606
23 Clemson 0.604
24 Miami (Fla.) 0.599
25 Pittsburgh 0.597

Created once again using our innovative and flawless formula.

To compare teams we use the top team (in this case Florida) and assign a rating of 1.000 to their total score. The teams below number one are then rated on a relative basis. According to our poll, Florida is 4.7% “better” than Texas right now, which I estimate would equal a 2.55 point advantage on a neutral field. Or, to use it in the "Game of the Week", this ranking sees Texas Tech as 4.4% "better" than Oklahoma, which translates to about a 2.3 point advantage on a neutral field. Thus the Sooners should win in a squeaker when accounting for home field.


Anonymous said...

Alabama is ranked 13th. That ALONE shows that these rankings are an absolute joke. J-O-K-E = those rankings

Henry Louis Gomez said...

That's a well-formed opinion. When you get your blog you can create a power ranking system that puts your team at the top every week. Ours does not. This is the first week the Gators get the top spot.

Mergz said...

If it’s any solace to ya Joker Alabama is 2nd in my BlogPoll rankings.

That said this isn’t an attempt to cast aspersions at Alabama but the results of a multi-year process to build a relatively bias free power polling system. It’s obvious from your comment that you didn’t bother to read the methodology, but Alabama’s “problems” are –

Of 119th NCAA FBS teams –

A scoring offense that ranks 28th,

A scoring defense that ranks 6th,

Against a schedule that ranks 90th.

It’s that SOS that is killing their ranking. It similarly kills undefeated Ball State in these rankings, who with a schedule ranking dead last (119th) rank only 61st in this poll.

Bama just won in overtime against a relatively pitiful LSU team that ranks 64th in scoring defense, and was rolled easily by both Florida and Georgia.

Tommy said...

As a Georgia fan, I know you weren't trying to throw any bones our way and I certainly respect the agnosticism of your system. So I'm flattered to see us come in at 9, and bemused to see us four spots ahead of a team that needed 30 minutes to throttle us into utter oblivion.

You'll catch hell for this from the obvious sources for the obvious reasons, but, wittingly or otherwise, your rankings highlight the clear problems with ranking teams in the absence of a playoff.

Mergz said...

As opposed to my BlogPoll rankings, these rankings try to determine (to the extent this is even remotely possible) who is "better" right now. Certainly few would disagree that Florida is "better" than Mississippi, but Ole Miss did beat Florida. Likewise Alabama beat Georgia, but this poll says that, all things equal, Georiga is the "better" team.

Just like it said that Ole Miss was "better" than LSU, and lo-and-behold, they are, or at least they were tonight.

This doesn't mean Georiga is more deserving of a higher rank, and this poll is not to be used as who should be the more deserving. It really has nothing to do with who deserves to play where.