Friday, November 21, 2008


Dennis Dodd points out that things are too quiet in Cincinnati. Which is interesting b/c I heard the deal was finalized last night. That being said, there are also rumblings that Lane Kiffin (w/ Ed Orgeron as his DC) will be the next guy in Knoxvegas.

Why do I think of that scene with John Candy and Steve Martin when I read this article? Skip Holtz you are going the wrong way!

Word out of Tallahassee is that the powers that be will decide soon on charges stemming from the brawl last week and the smart money is on at least two players being charged. Warden Bowden has already stated that if they haven’t been charged the accused players will play. If felony charges come next week, they would be suspended for our game.


jj gator said...

Dear Football Gods: PLEASE look favorably upon our beloved Florida Gators this season and grant us victory #4 against those boyaz at that school out west. Amen and GO GATORS!!!!!!

Scully said...

It is being reported that Lane Kiffin and Ed Orgeron will be headed to Knoxville next year.