Monday, November 24, 2008

Preliminary BlogPoll Week 13

What I have -

1 Alabama 1
2 Oklahoma 3
3 Texas 1
4 Florida 1
5 Utah 1
6 Penn State 2
7 Southern Cal --
8 Texas Tech 7
9 Georgia 1
10 Boise State 1
11 Oklahoma State --
12 Ohio State --
13 TCU 2
14 Missouri 1
15 Cincinnati 3
16 Brigham Young --
17 Florida State 9
18 Michigan State 1
19 Georgia Tech 7
20 Oregon State 1
21 Boston College 5
22 Pittsburgh 3
23 Northwestern 3
24 Mississippi 2
25 Ball State 11

Dropped Out: North Carolina (#20), Miami (Florida) (#22), LSU (#23), Maryland (#24), Oregon (#25).

With the new BlogPoll deadlines I don't have time for explanation right now (later hopefully), but I want your input.


James E. said...

Regardless of any blog ranking, I'm just getting very frustrated with the Gators appearing as just a thug program after this latest arrest Saturday. Meyer just isn't taking the time to address these issues claiming it's "an injustice to the seniors". It's like getting back to his lobbying to get Tony Joiner back on the team after he was arrested for stealing his girlfriend's car from an impound lot. If your a potential starter your allowed to get off violating probation like the Wilson two. If these guys were playing in the Big Ten missing classes or even parking tickets could end playing time. Urban's got to combine integrity with his talent grooming to make us want to cheer for this team.

Anonymous said...

Yeah James, why in the Big Ten if you played for the most revered Coach they have you could bust into a fellow students dorm room, lay down a beating walk out, and then have to run stairs for a practice or two.

Look, the Joiner situation was different from the Cam Newton one (though even this one I've heard two or three variations one of which makes Newton look like a kid who made a mistake), Joiner to all appearances made a simple mistake- that's why there was no prosecution after the situation played out. I'm getting a bit tired of our school being accused of being Miami, I'm sorry but last time I checked our starting QB wasn't the subject of a Secret Service investigation before getting a 4th chance (LSU- the Perriloux deal), and we didn't start a fighting dog/coke dealer at MLB (see Bama last year). The guy who carried us to our last national championship isn't a guest of the state (see Ohio State), we didn't have to kick the backup center off the team to avoid violence and dissension (Texas) and the best Running Back in school history isn't a prisoner either (see: USC/ Nebraska- a case where the guy was basically allowed to play despite committing brutality against women), the football team is a collection of 18-24 year old guys (not sure what our Law Student Kickers age is), and in any collection of that age group your going to pull a certain number of idiots.

Anonymous said...


JAMES? What...ah-ah say, What in the name of B-B-B-Bobb-b-b-by Bowden does Cam Newton have to do with a blog poll ranking?

Mergz said...

Yeah, thanks for all that great commentary on my voting. I'll be sure to put it to use.


Anyway, I really didn't know what to do with Ball State. Sure they are undefeated, but have the 118th strength of schedule in the nation. It is my inclination not to even rank them, but I gave them the 25th spot just...because.

Anonymous said...


you wanted commentary on the BLOG POLL???


Missouri---WAAAAY too high; ZERO notable wins. Still living off that BIG win v. the Fainting Ill-aren't-I ?

Oregon State---do you weight ALL games equally, or do more RECENT results count for more? OSU lost to your #5 & #6, but BEAT your #7 team; should the early-season (1st game) L to a bad Stanford team drop them THIS far? I don't think so...

Mississippi---similar argument; undervalued @ #24. There are SO many "close loss" arguments in this (or any other) poll this year, it would be difficult to discount the Rebels string (-2 to Wake, -6 v. Top 20 Vandy, -4 to #1 Bama), AND they dropped the only L on the BEST team in the country.

Free Shoes---in a schizophrenic CFB season, the poster child for inconsistency. Why are you seemingly giving them SO much cred for beating a team that LOST TO MIDDLE FREAKING TENNESSEE STATE???

P.S. Even an idiot like Les Miles knows "dat de only poll dat mattuhs is da one in da middle uh Decembuh." :)


Trader Rick said...

Alabama is WAY overrated by almost everybody. This undefeated deal just glazes over the eyes of the pollsters and turns then into zombie-dorks, in my humble opinion. In My reality based, scientific, always right poll, which is based on who wins a match-up in ten head to head games played, Florida is numero uno, and Oklahoma second, then USC...Ball State is not in my top fifty, even tho my poll only goes to ten.

skigator93 said...

When you are undefeated and in the SEC - you deserve to be ranked #1, until you are defeated.