Wednesday, November 05, 2008

new today

Jai Lucas transferring. link

Ron Prince fired (er resigning). link


Anonymous said...

RE: Prince

Will K-State make another run at Leavitt?

And will he consider a job with Big 12 resources (risking B1g 12 a$$-whippings), or choose to stay in the lower-profile Big (L)East?


peachy said...

Mizzou and Kansas are solid programs and the South Division is just brutal, while the recent powers in the Big East (Louisville, WVU, Rutgers) are definitely down. Yeah, I'd stay.

It's unfortunate that Lucas is going, but Calathes was better at the point last year. And if I were him, I'd look down that list of transfers real slow like - "Mario Boggan, Ryan Appleby, Rashid Al-Kaleem, Mohamed Abukar, Jimmie Sutton, David Huertas and Jonathan Mitchell." Did any of them really benefit from leaving?

Trader Rick said...

Lucas is making a big mistake, in our opinion.

As for Prince, I think he'll get offers, so I wouldn't worry about him. K-State, however, may have made a hasty mistake as well...

Anonymous said...

I think Gary Patterson is a K State alum - that would definitely be an upgrade.