Saturday, November 01, 2008

Knowshon a No-show

With 5:49 left in the 4th and the Gators leading 49-3 this is his line:

18 rushes for 68 yards (3.8 yd avg.) and a fumble.

Meyer calls his final time outs to keep the Dawgs on the field longer. Revenge is a dish best served cold.


DolFan 316 said...

It's official: the lame ass celebration last year was a big deal, and now nobody can deny it. To do so would be to disagree with the football gods, who were obviously and extremely angered.

Yeah, UGA won the game last year but what exactly did they accomplish by it? Didn't play for, let alone win, the SEC. Didn't play for, let alone win, the national title.

As Larry Munson would say, "We crushed their face!!!"

What Richt ordered (and don't give me this BS about how he had no idea all the players would rush the field, he knew EXACTLY what was going on) was indisputable, indescribably wrong. I would advise him not to piss off the Gators again. Ever.

Andrew said...

Hard to dance in an end zone you can't find! I don't think UGA will ever disrespect us that way again...

UgaMatt said...

For the love of Christ, can we all move past the celebration now? UGA was better in 07, UF was better in 08. Agreed? UF had a good game plan and executed perfectly, UGA had a so-so game plan and executed like we've come to expect in the city to busy to bath. Good game, good team, see ya next year.

GATA Dawgs!

Mergz said...

Thanks for the good game ugamatt.

As for the celebration it will be interesting to see in the coming days how much motivation it was for our team. I know that our guys had to do 180 pushups in spring practice - 1 for every yard Moreno got last year - so the loss itself last year was indeed motivation, if not the celebration.

UgaMatt said...

LOL, well maybe next year they'll only do 68 pushups and show up weak and we'll have a chance!! I really respect this site and have always been treated fairly here, so I hope I don't get trashed for this, but as a UGA fan, we have no chance of making this "rivalry" anything other than a national joke until we go home and home.

I'm not saying that location had anything to do with yesterday. That game could have been played on the moon and nothing would have changed, UF is just a better team right now.

We have this segment of our fanbase that thinks because we won in J'Ville in the 70's and 80's that we should be able to win now. They ignore the population boom in Florida that lead to a 50k student university and a TON of instate talent. Plus, Dooley always had a bye while UF was playing Auburn. Frankly, this game has become routine. Florida never goes there thinking they're going to lose, and I don't know any true, rational Georgia fan that goes there expecting to win. Sometimes-like the Spurrier years or this year-it's talent alone and we're just going to get beat, but games like '02, '03, '05 just make me think that something has to change for UGA to get to where we feel we can legitimately win every other game with UF.

So, call me a coward, a whiner, or just someone that pisses on tradition, but I desperately want this to go home and home. I have refused to go to the game since my senior year ('03) and won't go back as long as it's there. I'll go again when it's home and home and buy you guys a beer if you want to meet up in Athens!! Likewise, I'll put my post-September gameday fleece in the closet and trek down to Gainesville for an early morning Bloody Mary. Good luck the rest of the season--it kills me to say it, but things are going to break UF way again and y'all are going to kill Penn State.

Andrew said...

We'll come beat you between the hedges too ;)

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you ask for, Matt...

do you rememmber our LAST visit to Sanford & Son Stadium?

And how would those timeouts have tasted "between the weeds"?


Matt said...

Yes, your 1995 team that played for the national championship team beat the hell out of Ray Goff's last team. It would not have mattered where that game was played. Likewise, if the 1982 UGA team that played for the national championship had played UF in Gainesville I don't think the score would have been much different from the 44-0 outcome in Jax.

Now can we agree that the programs are at a more even level than at any other time in the recent past?

Taking a one year sample that happens to correspond with one of UF's best teams and one of our's coached by Goff just isn't a good comparison. I've never blamed our struggles in Jax on the location, I just think it's time to move on. UF is our most important conference rival, it doesn't make sense to not play them yall at home every other year:

Anonymous said...

"...the programs are at a more even level than at any other time in the recent past..."

W T F ???

16 out of 19 is your idea of even???

And Ray Goff has been gone for 13 of them.

Math & logic are not your srong suits, are they, amigo?


Matt said...

No, a #2 finish, a #3 finish, as many SEC Championships as UF since 2000 and a comparable talent level is what I meant. If you think UGA's program is at the same level it was when Goff was there, I'd say logic isn't your "srong" suit either.