Saturday, October 25, 2008

Touchdown Tebow

Two rushing TD's for Tebow in the first half today. That puts Errict Rhett in his rearview mirror and puts him in a tie for the Gator record of 36 with Emmitt Smith.

He is also currently tied with Emmitt and Lars Tate for 10th in SEC history.


Patterson said...

What's the SEC Record?

Henry Louis Gomez said...

49, by the man on the left side of that picture.

Patterson said...

That's going to be a difficult record to break. Great game today, we're going to need Moody next Saturday.

Truzenzuzex said...

Congratulations, Gator fans.

Nobly won.

Anonymous said...

Within reach, if he stays for next season. He needs 14 to break the all-time Herschel record. With six (seven?) games this season and 13 (14?) next year, that gives him 19-21 games to score 14 rushing TDs.

That'd be a cool record to break.

jj gator said...

Anon, Tebow won't be going anywhere after this season; if anything his family wants him to graduate form UF, and IMHO Tebow has made a serious commitment to the Gators.

I hope he does go after the all-time SEC record and and breaks it!