Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sagarin vs. Vegas, Weekly Results

Each week, I am pre-selecting 3 games and placing an imaginary wager of $110 (to win $100) on the team that Sagarin's Predictor Ratings suggests.

The system is explained in detail here.

Last week's picks:

Georgia Tech at Clemson
Vegas Favorite: GT -2.5
Sagarin suggested: Take Georgia Tech and lay the 2.5 points.
Result: Georgia Tech won by 4.

Miami at Duke
Vegas Favorite: Miami -3
Sagarin suggested: Take Blue Devils and the 3 points
Result: Miami won by 18

Vanderbilt at Georgia
Vegas Favorite: Georgia -14.5
Sagarin suggested: Take Vandy and the 14.5 points.
Result: Georgia won by 10
So once again Sag went 2-1 against the spread and thus we are 4-2 for the six games I've selected this season. That means we're up $180.

No picks this week. Just didn't have time because of personal reasons but am soliciting suggestions for which games to use for next week.

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