Thursday, October 30, 2008

This and that

1. If I am an FSU fan I am not sure if this is what I would want to read two weeks after my hearing in front of the NCAA infraction committee. link

2. Speaking of FSU. Apparently Brenda Monk wasn’t happy with her portrayal in the documents filed with the NCAA. link

3. According Coach Meyer in his Wednesday press conference Ronnie Wilson is currently not practicing with the team. Torrey Davis, however, is practicing and apparently having a good week. link

4. LSU fans seem to like the Gators in this weekend’s matchup. link

5. Jeff Demps getting some love on link Do you think that the offensive genius Jimbo Fisher is kicking himself? Remember Jeff Demps grew up an FSU fan wanted to go to school there, but Jimbo didn’t think he was a good enough player to play at FSU.


NoleCC said...

You guys post a lot of FSU news for being a Gator site... just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

It's called "schadenfreude."

Scully said...

i do it because i think it is comical how things are run up there.

like the fact that fsu has another wr suspended for this week's game, but this time it is surrency.

lucky that they didn't miss the same game, right?

jj gator said...

Nole, Scully's right - we Gator fans need the comic relief, and as much as we despise your team we still find a lot of humor in the goings-on out there that get reported in the media - and it goes way beyond the jokes we make about old man Bowden and Depends.

So Jimbo didn't think Jeff Demps was good enough for the School Out West? Well, he who laughs last laughs best.

Scully said...

file under interesting. i think my boy Mergz knew this.