Saturday, October 18, 2008

There’s no “D” in Big 12

Are you kidding me?

As I sit here with 4:18 left in the Texas-Missouri contest the score is 56-31 in favor of Texas.

As in 87 points. They are approaching 1000 yards total offense.

In this fourth quarter, seemingly whoever has the ball scores in about 2 possessions.

This ain’t football, its basketball.

Last week Texas gave up 35 points in beating Oklahoma. The total score was 80 points.

Oklahoma beat Kansas today 45-31.

Does anyone stop anyone in this conference?

With Alabama’s narrow win over Ole Miss, how do you rank these teams? Who’s first?

I saw Missouri’s defensive problems early on, but couldn’t imagine Texas and Oklahoma were of the same ilk.

It will be interesting to see how Big 12 Arena Football style plays out this year, but if history is any indication, it won’t play well against better defensive conferences.


Anonymous said...

Not buying into any of the Big 12 teams.

Eric Rodriguez said...

I've been saying for about three weeks now that the Big 12 Champs will lose to either USC or the SEC Champ in Miami. Let's just hope Ohio State can take care of PSU.

DolFan 316 said...

No, let's all PRAY PSU beats the Suckeyes, and eliminates them from the national title picture once and for all.

It took you this long to figure out the Big 12 has no D? I was onto that little fact *last* season :-)

Seriously, it's just sad when ranked teams are scoring 30-plus points in conference games and getting not just beaten but thrashed. This kind of game is almost as bad as a 3-2 game to me. I like my games with some actual good play by BOTH sides of the ball, thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Will someone please remind me of the score of the LSU-Florida game? And can that same knowledgeable fan inform me of the Texas-Mizzou halftime score?

Henry Louis Gomez said...

Anon, the final score of the UF/LSU game was 51-21

The halftime score of Texas/Mizzou was 35-3.

So what?

Anonymous said...

I think the point was a nebulous comparison between the Big 12 and SEC, but he fails to realize that nobody is defending LSU after the mess last weekend. Oklahoma, on the other hand, gets a free pass for getting walked all over, simply because they scored a boatload of points, too.

This will all shake out in the end. Rankings after 7 games mean little. Remember in 2006, when Michigan lost to OSU in an 80-point game, and everyone thought they were the second-best team in the nation? Cream always rises to the top. Neither Oklahoma nor Texas will sniff the national title.

Andrew said...

How long did Texas leave in their starting D against Mizzou? Being up by 32 at the half, you've gotta think some of the second half points were not as legit. The Big 12 still has no D though.
I still can't figure out though if the SEC is that good on D or if the offenses can just be that inept sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Here's a list of the NCAA's Top 25 in total defense.

There are 9 SEC teams on it. There are 0 Big XII teams.

1. TCU
2. Southern California
3. Florida St.
4. Boston College
5. Georgia Tech
6. South Carolina
7. South Fla.
8. Penn St.
9. Utah
10. Ohio St.
11. Tennessee
12. Georgia
13. San Jose St.
14. Auburn
15. Florida
16. Alabama
17. Northern Ill.
18. Kentucky
19. Arizona
20. Pittsburgh
21. Miami (Fla.)
22. Mississippi St.
23. Tulane
24. LSU
25. Iowa

In case you were wondering, the first Big XII teams shows up at 34, Oklahoma.

Texas is 39, Oklahoma State is 47. They're scattered through 50's and 70's after that.

Missouri is 100. After that, the Big XII teams are: Texas A&M at 101, Kansas St. at 105.

Arkansas was the lowest SEC school at 61. Ahead of Kansas, Nebraska, Baylor and Colorado.

Sorry so long.

Aaron said...

Maybe the Big 12 doesn't have the "D" that the SEC does but truth be told I don't think they are as far apart as one would think. The only stats I can bring up (because I don't want to take the time to do more research) is comparing Texas D to SEC D using Bacon as the control. Arkansas has allowed 49, 38, 22, and 21 points against SEC teams and has scored 14, 7, 25 and 20 points in those games. Against Texas...52-10. The Big 12 just has some seriously overpowered offenses and the SEC for the most part have average at best offenses.

Don't confuse mediocre offense w/ staunch defense and don't confuse high powered offense w/ horrible defense.