Monday, October 13, 2008

Submitted Ballot

The new rules with our CBS affiliation requires ballot submission by 10 AM Monday, so I didn't have time to take into consideration the suggestions in the comments to my last post. However, this is a preliminary ballot subject to modification by Wednesday, so I will consider not only the previous comments but any new ones too.

1 Alabama --
2 Texas 5
3 Penn State 3
4 Boise State 8
5 Oklahoma State 5
6 Texas Tech 2
7 Utah 2
8 Oklahoma 6
9 Ohio State 8
10 Michigan State 8
11 Georgia Tech 9
12 North Carolina 14
13 Brigham Young --
14 South Florida 7
15 California 1
16 Southern Cal 9
17 Florida 9
18 Missouri 13
19 Wake Forest 4
20 Virginia Tech 4
21 Minnesota 5
22 Ball State --
23 Georgia 8
24 Connecticut 2
25 Northwestern 14

Dropped Out: Vanderbilt (#3), LSU (#4), Kentucky (#14), Notre Dame (#19).


Mhoram said...

I confess confusion. How does Georgia Tech move up 9 after barely beating a bad 1AA team and Georgia drop 8 after dominating a bad-to-middlin Tennessee team?

Trader Rick said...

So in order to be perceived as "fair" you rank Florida ten points below the national polls? Gadzooks, that's fairness taken to an extreme level--you've come full circle back to goofiness!!!

Henry Louis Gomez said...

Trader Rick,

Again I ask: why does it matter? This isn't the final poll of the season. Isn't that the important one. UF has a chance to get quality wins with its remaining schedule. If they do their part their ranking will change accordingly. The fact is we lost to a mediocre Ole Miss team and our impressive victory is against an LSU team that Mergz suspects is bad.

The ColleyMatrix ranking (BCS component) has Florida at 14. Massey (BCS) has us at 20th. Sagarin (BCS) has us at 26th.

I don't think 17th is out of whack. Why are you so emotionally invested in a week 7 poll?

Trader Rick said...

Henry Louis Gomez--I am emotionally and intellectually invested in EVERY week's polls. WHY? I'm a Gator. I've been a Gator fan for over 45 years, thru the bad times and good, and I want to see the Gators be the best they can be and be recognized for that. Don't you? Of course you do. I'm a partisan. Actually, I think the Gators are usually over-ranked--but in this case, my opinion is they are better than #17 by quite a margin. And you can put all the logical equations and advanced statistical math to it you want--it's still all subjective in the end. I appreciate all the hard work and research that Mergz did in constructing his poll. I just think he over-thought it, and his methods failed him; that, combined with perhaps an unconscious attempt to fall over backwards to appear objective, has skewed his results to the point they are way off as far as the Gators are concerned. In my opinion.

Henry Louis Gomez said...

Trader Rick,

I'm emotionally invested in the Gators. Of course I am. What I have not done is bought into the sham that college football has for crowning a championship. My only goal each year is for the Gators to win the SEC and their bowl game. That's all they control.

I certainly don't care about a mid-season poll when the majority of our SEC schedule is yet to be played.

Settle down their sparky. There's a saying, water always reaches its level. Same with the Gators (and every other team in our poll). By the end of the season we'll have a pretty good grasp on what's what and it won't be based on moving teams up or down based solely on the last game they played but instead for their resume.

Trader Rick said...

henry louis gomez: A poll was posted, comments invited. I care about the poll, I commented with my opinion. You have said you don't care about the poll. So why do you care about my comments enuff to comment? There's a disconnect here, Sparky.


Henry Louis Gomez said...

Trader Rick,

Mergz has explained his way of thinking about the poll as based on a team's resume. I did a long poll about how it's imperfect but the best we got. Your feedback was only that we rank Florida lower than other polls. To which I countered that some of the computers that are actually used in the BCS formula have Florida ranked even lower than we do.

If you feel Florida's resume is better than some of the teams ahead of the Gators on our ballot make your case. But make it based on what we're trying to do which is dispassionately grade teams on what they've done not based on the degree to which we are emotionally invested.

I don't think you quite understand the resume ranking concept. If the Gators win out they will have one of the most impressive resume's in the country. Right now, not so much. We lost to a mediocre team with a first year coach at our own crib and the team's we have beaten are suspect.

We'll know more about the Gators and the teams they've beaten each week. That's why I don't really "care" about where the Gators are ranked today on our ballot. I do care that we try to have a methodology that we stick to.