Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Refuse to Compromise

This ballot is going to be controversial.

But I just spent considerable time working on it, time in which I examined the wins and losses of every single team I considered.

I doubt many “real” ballot rankers do that.

I’ll enter it on CBS tomorrow, but I wanted to give it here with my (very brief) thoughts –

1. Alabama – no other team has so many quality wins.
2. Texas – a close second
3. Penn State – explosive offense, the Lions appear to be “real”
4. Boise State – Yeah, that’s right. Their victory over Oregon better than any other Big 12 team win.
5. Oklahoma State – Nice win over Missouri won’t look so good later on.
6. Texas Tech – Undefeated is always nice. A placeholder here.
7. Utah – Beat the team that beat USC.
8. Oklahoma – Lost to my number 2, but who have they really beat other than TCU?
9. Ohio State – Lost to one-loss USC, but beat one-loss Minnesota (and others)
10. Michigan State – deserves some love for losing only to 1 loss Cal
11. Georgia Tech – Lost to one-loss VT, and a nice win over 1-loss BC
12. North Carolina – Also only lost to VT, and defeated 1-loss U Conn
13. BYU – Mowed down UCLA, undefeated.
14. South Florida – Only loss to 1-loss Pitt, and defeated Kansas
15. Cal – nice win over Michigan State, but lost to tepid Maryland
16. USC – I don’t care who you are – you lose to 3-3 Oregon State, you are lucky to be here.
17. Florida – See below
18. Missouri – This team has no defense, and no decent wins. Narrow loss to number 5 gets them ranked.
19. Wake Forest – Ugly to lose to Navy, but nice win over FSU.
20. Virginia Tech – that loss to ECU looking worse every week.
21. Minnesota – With only a loss to number 9, and the win over the hapless Zookers, here they are.
22. Ball State – Heck they beat Navy (who beat Wake) and Toledo (who beat Michigan)
23. Georgia – Bad news – were owned by number 1. Worse news – Have beaten NO ONE.
24. U Conn – Lost to game UNC, but best win Louisville
25. Northwestern – barely hanging on after loss to Michigan State

Now to the explanation for my title, and for UF at 17. Simply put, LSU is not very good. In fact they are downright bad. I’m as giddy as anyone to beat the current MNC’s, but LSU has not defeated a team worth a warm bucket of spit so far this year. They gave up 21 points to Auburn’s awful defense, and 24 to Mississippi State’s likewise inept crew. We ran for 265 yards on these guys. And although they have a relatively easy SEC schedule ahead, I predict they lose 3 more games. At least.

I refuse to compromise on my voting integrity because I am a dyed in the Orange and Blue Gator homer, but LSU is not a good team. That, coupled with our wins over hapless Hawaii, looking more miserable every week Miami, terrible Tennesee, awful Arkansas, and the unmentionable loss to Ole Miss, merits us no better than 17 compared to other teams.

Comments warmly solicited.


Jams said...

On the whole I don't have any major problems with your ballot. I would, however, like to point out the apparent inconsistency between Utah getting credit for beating Oregon State as if it were a quality win, while USC get lambasted for the loss as if the Beavers were pulseless.

Also, I know UC hasn't beaten anyone of note, but you can still give Oklahoma credit for slaughtering the one-loss Bearcats.

But on the whole I like the resume ranking you've got going, and it's starting to fall more and more in line with what the mainstream polls have. Of course, I can't wait to see how different the rankings will all be looking at the start of November.

Gator Boys said...

They gave up 21 points to Auburn’s awful defense


Hey Mergz I have a situation for your resume poll. The 2000 season Miami Vs. FSU. We'll forget all their wins because I dont remember who they played, BUT UM had 1 loss to Northwestern. FSU had one loss to UM. Miami's loss was much worse, but they also had a good win against FSU and beat them head to head. Do you think your resume ranking would definately have UM over FSU?

Henry Louis Gomez said...


I think Utah's undefeated status and the fact they beat the team that beat USC gets them ranked ahead of USC. You're mischaracterizing what Mergz said.

DolFan 316 said...

Not that I think USC should be in the top 5, but they have the same record as the Buckeyes and beat the Buckeyes by 32, therefore they should be higher than the Buckeyes IMO.

Also you are aware that Georgia Tech had to gum its way over Gardner-Webb 10-7, right? Gardner-Webb!

Agreed about LSU though. I think they've allowed season highs for scoring to Auburn *and* Mississippi State. That's just sad.

Troy said...

Beating USC does not make Oregon State not a bad team. Utah's win over them is still a win over a bad team (not a good win). If you're point however is that they should be ahead of USC, because they beat a team USC could not, that's fairly valid. But it's not a quality win just because of the USC game. Transitive Property of Football does not work.

UgaMatt said...

I can't really disagree that UGA hasn't beaten anyone, although I think South Carolina is going to give LSU quite the ball game and if they win, then the argument could be made that UF hasn't beaten anyone either. But in general, I can't argue with your logic. Anywho, UF looked VERY good Sat. night. Anxiously awaiting the cocktail party, see yall 11/1.

Trader Rick said...

This is nonsense.

dean said...

I agree with you assessment of UGA but I don't agree that Minnesota and Ball State are better teams. Seriously, that comes across as more of a shot at the dawgs than logic.

Can't wait for the WLOCP.

dethwing said...

Once again, he's not saying Gophers and Cardinals are better than Georgia. He's saying in his opinion, their resume is superior. Instead of arguing, "Well, they're just better!", you should try to make an argument that their profile is better.

For instance, one could note the win over 5-2 gamecocks, while the Gophers best win is...Bowling Green?