Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mergz Called it

He said LSU were paper Tigers (because of their porous defense) after Florida hung half a hundy on them. Well, UGA managed to top the Gators mark by 1 point. That's 103 points they've surrendered to the Dawgs and Gators this season.



Andrew said...

Not very helpful to our rankings, although our margin of victory was significantly better. Oh well, we can take down the Dawgs and hope for an undefeated Bama in the SECCG.

Mergz said...

Want some context on how bad LSU's D is this year? After their first 7 games last year, opponents had only scored 99 on LSU - and that INCLUDED the 43-37 point loss they had to Kentucky in overtime. This year UF and UGA laid 103 on them in two games.

In LSU's defense, you don't lose top flight D players like Dorsey and come back right away.