Thursday, September 18, 2008

Statistically Speaking

A roundup of stats that caught my interest in the week before

Team Edition

The Irony of It All

The two top rushing teams in the nation are Navy and Air Force, averaging 370.33 ypg and 358.00 ypg respectively. Anyone else see the irony in Navy and Air Force having the top ground games?


UCLA is dead last in the NCAA in yards per game rushing, averaging 19. There are AT LEAST 100 individual players that have more yards per game rushing than the entire UCLA team.

Irony. Part Two.

Air Force has the worst air game in the nation, averaging a mere 30 yards per game passing on a total of 11 attempts in 3 games.

En Fuego

Missouri is HOT, HOT, HOT on offense, having both the top total offense (597.33 ypg) and scoring offense (57.67 ppg) in the nation. That said, they rank 90th overall in total defense, surrendering 409.33 yards per game.

Virginia is the New Notre Dame

UVA ranks dead last in total offense in the nation, at only 178.50 ypg. (I was criticized for not ranking USC higher after beating these duds. Who’s laughing now? Me!)

You Don’t Run On the SEC

The SEC has 7 of the top 20 rushing defenses in

1. Alabama
5. LSU
7. Kentucky
9. Auburn
12. Georgia
13. Florida
20. Tennessee

Penalties Schmenalties – Part I

8 of the 11 most penalized teams in the nation are undefeated (spots 10 & 11 are a tie). They are (in order of most penalized) –

Texas Tech
Oklahoma State

Penalties Schmenalties – Part II

Of the top 10 least penalized teams by yards in the nation, 4 are winless. They are –


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LeakBrewerGator said...

It is ironic that Navy and Air Force are such ground oriented teams. However, it's not surprising at all. Even through recent coaching changes both programs are always near the top in rushing.