Thursday, September 18, 2008

The blogpoll collective wisdom

Saurian Sagacity takes the first Mr. Bold of the year for such oddities as QB-less LSU #2, QB-less and OL-less Michigan #8(!?!?!?!?!?!), Florida State #10(!?), Miami #15, Notre Dame #16... is this poll from 1988?

That was Brian from MgoBlog a couple of weeks ago when Mergz submitted his preseason ballot for the blogpoll. Today QB-less LSU is ranked #6 in the blogpoll. None of the other teams mentioned above are in the blogpoll. But just wait.

It's worth reminding the reader that our preseason ballot was based largely on cumulative recruiting rankings that come from an outside source. It's the way in which we tried to make sense of ranking teams that hadn't played a game. Of course that method doesn't take many factors into account like a coaching change and change of philosophy at Michigan or the departure of quarterbacks at LSU.

My prediction is that Notre Dame will make an appearance in the blogpoll soon, their schedule sets up nicely for them. Same with Miami, which I predict will be one of the better teams in a down year for the ACC. Forget about Michigan and the jury is still out on Florida State.

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