Saturday, September 27, 2008

The SEC LEast

So the SEC West handles our side of the conference as if we are a bunch of wet-nosed punks.

Or, just look at this –

SEC East Standings

Vanderbilt 2-0 4-0
Kentucky 0-0 4-0
Georgia 1-1 4-1
Florida 1-1 3-1
South Carolina 0-2 3-2
Tennessee 0-2 1-3

Woot! At least the SEC East-Sacrificial Lamb race is still WIDE OPEN.

USC, Florida, Georgia – is preseason poll ranking the most inane exercise of humanity? Once again, the lesson – we know nothing.


Chris said...

I think the SEC East will end up as one big slap fight, with the winner offered up as a pinata for the West champ in Atlanta.

It was fun while it lasted. The Cocktail Party will be a battle for mediocrity instead of a national title spot.

DolFan 316 said...

I hope it won't be a situation where you have a 4-loss East champ facing an undefeated West champ for the SEC title, and the East champ wins.

That would pretty much be the only way the SEC's rep could be completely destroyed in just one season.

UgaMatt said...

I feel your pain Gators. Hopefully the WLOCP won't turn into the World's Largest Outdoor Cripple Fight this year. On a side note, I want to say how impressed I've been by some of the classy Gator posts left around some of the UGA blogs this weekend. I sometimes worry that we all don't stand back for a second and realize this is an extremely violent game we love and multimillion dollar careers can be lost in a nanosecond, so for all the Gator fans that asked about Ellerbe and Knowshon, I say thanks for the proper prospective. Now, my gift to SEC OC's everywhere:

How to beat a Willie Martinez defense in 3 easy steps!!!!
1. Run straight ahead, preferably between the guard and tackle. (See Auburn 05, WVU 05, Ole Miss 07, UT 06, UT 07, Bama 08)
2. Play action roll out, don’t worry about the backside defensive end–he won’t be there. Drag the TE or a slot receiver across the field and throw to the GAPING hole in the zone 10-15 yards behind the backside tackle. (Auburn 05, Colorado 06, Bama 08)
3. Once the play action is established, finish them off with draws and delayed handoffs.
Wash, rinse, repeat as necessary. Guaranteed for 30-50 points.

Henry Louis Gomez said...

Thanks UgaMatt. I think both teams will right the ship. Too much talent not to.

jj gator said...

UGAMatt, you're one of the few sensible Dawg fans I've seen lately. Thanks for showing class by not coming to a Gator blog to start talking smack, but instead inviting conversation by presenting an intelligent perspective.

Granted both of us are coming off losses that left bitter tastes in the mouths of both fanbases, but the mistakes made that cost both our teams a win will be addressed during practice this week. From the perspective of my being a Gator fan our guys will be out to avenge last year's loss which I'm hoping happens, but I'm also hoping this game will turn out to be the pivotal one that was much mentioned in the off-season as being crucial to winning the SEC East and perhaps contention for the NC game.

Chris, you're sounding like a whiner. It's still early in the season, so why are you putting the cart before the horse?

Our Gators may have been a little too overconfident heading into the game last week with Ole Miss - that, or they grossly underestimated them and got caught with their pants down. Sure we should have learned a lesson from last season, but if anything this game should serve as a reality check following huge wins over Hawai'i, Miami and Tennessee in the preceeding weeks.

Maybe the football gods were pointing the fickle finger of fate towards the spoilers inviting these major upsets - that, or there was just bad karma in the air surrounding USC, Florida aa Georgia. Who the hell knows. Nonetheless, this past weekend only proved the "any given day" adage to be true.

Are the polls an inane exercise? Maybe. After all, they're only opinions; the real moment of truth takes place on the playing field every week and "separates the wheat from the chaff".

Gator fans, hang in there. It ain't over yet. We're in for a bumpy ride this season, but keep the faith and fasten your seat belts.