Sunday, September 28, 2008


Alabama will be my number one of the strength of that win, which wasn’t remotely as close as the final score. No one has beaten a better team than them.

LSU will be second for their win at Auburn. Penn State looks to be 3rd, followed by Oklahoma. 5th is a little tougher, and likely a choice between Missouri and BYU.

Tough calls are going to be where to put the 1 loss teams. Which is a “better” loss here –

6 point loss on the road to a mediocre 1-2 conference foe in which you were nearly dominated? (USC was outrushed by nearly 100 yards)

1 point loss at home to a mediocre conference foe in which the home team did everything in its power to shoot itself in the foot, and you lose on a blocked extra point? (Florida)

11 point loss at home (which was actually much worse in terms of the game never being a contest after the 1st quarter) to my number 1 ranked team? (Georgia).

I’m leaning towards ranking the one-losses (where 1 losses should fall – somewhere in the teens) as Georgia, Florida, USC.


Amos said...

UGA, UF, USC I think is the right order to rank those three. Georgia's loss was to a very good Bama team, even if it wasn't close. Florida's loss was damn close, USC's loss was a bit embarrasing. And yea Ole Miss and Oregon State are both at about the same level of bad.

Year2 said...

Florida came out flat and beat itself.

Georgia and USC came out flat and got beat in every facet of the game by their opponents.

Which is worse? Beating yourself or getting thoroughly beat by your opponent? And keep in mind that with 3:01 to go Alabama was up 41-17.

Anonymous said...


Looking at it objectively, the fact that the Gators lost at home to a team that hadn't won a conference game in a year and a half, coupled with USC having a win over a ranked (albeit weak) OSU team - I think that warrants putting them behind USC.

We've lost 5 out of our last 8 to teams from Mississippi. How sad is that?


Henry Louis Gomez said...


IMO what Ole Miss has done in previous seasons is irrelevant. If Florida goes on to have a good season (win the east) and Ole Miss has a good season the loss will look better. It's what Ole Miss is this year that matters. We all know that even the doormats of the SEC are getting better.

dethwing said...

The better question, is what has Florida done to warrant being ranked in the first place? Beat a 2-2 Miami team, and a 1-3 Tennessee team. Maybe the Vols will end up being a good win, but right now it's not.

Mhoram said...

UGA has beat 3 bad teams and 1 mediocre (at best) team and was completely trashed by the only decent team they played.

UF has beat 2 mediocre teams and lost on a fluky blocked PAT to a team that traditionally plays them very tough in the Swamp

USC has beat 1 bad and 1 good team and was soundly beat by a mediocre-to-decent team.

Like everyone else, I don't know what all this means, but I think that USC's resume is still the best - they actually beat a good team, and did it with authority. UF's loss is better than UGA's because they kept fighting even when it was clear that nothing was going right for them. UGA played well for 1 quarter, but wasn't even there for the other 3.

I see the rankings of those three as USC, UF, UGA -- somewhere in the high-to-mid teens.

Perry said...

I agree, all these "weapons" and it's still the Tebow-Harvin show. They should rename this trash to the Spread w/1 Option. All of this comes back to one person, Dan Mullen. He is a cluseless idiot! He called the same 4 plays all day! Quick Slant, Read-Draw, QB Blast, WR Drag!! I said it 4 yrs ago, the spread does not work. The best thing about it is the WR's learn how block. Dan Mullen is a bonehead & Gonzalez is his apprentice. No wonder teams have such an easy time defending our offense...they run the same thing over & over. There is no creativity, no ingenuity, no real offensive identity. Just smoke & mirrors, and misques! Here's a bit of advice for Mullen...turn to page 2 of your playbook, I sincerely hope it contains a different variety of plays! Either fire Mullen or strip him of his play calling responsibilities. Bring back Coach Dixon, somebody who knows how to coach WR! Now on to Meyer...

Meyer routinely states that if players put the ball on the ground, then they will not see the field, yet, Tebow, Harvin, & James put the ball on the ground numerous, multiple times. Does this mean they won't be playing come Saturday? I think not. Moody has run the ball extremely well the past 2 games, yet, Meyer claims he doesn't trust him, and that he isn't picking up the offense fast enough. How hard is it to learn 4 plays, cause that's all that's being called! Eventually, the fingers will begin to point at Meyer, since he's the one signing off on the plays. Save your anal swab stories about it being a tough game, blah, blah, blah. It's the SEC, every game is a tough game, and on 4th & 2 and 4th & 1, we run the ball. We line up in front of a man, and hit him dead square in his mouth!! You dont line your QB up 5-7yds deep when you only need 1yd, especially when the entire world knows the play! This game came down to one thing, play calling, correction, poor play calling. Simple as that.

DolFan 316 said...

Wow Perry, tell us how you really feel!

And the odd thing is, it's pretty much exactly how I feel. Anybody else catch that bit just before The Epic Fail where the announcers said something about Uh-ban not trusting his RBs? I'm thinking to myself, "WTF??? They haven't fumbled during this game!"

The Uh-ban spread appears to be just an offense that's completely eliminated even the concept of a RB. And that matters more than he thinks it does.

jj gator said...

Year 2 is spot-on. No excuses - we shot ourselves in the foot with all the sutpid mistakes and have nobody to blame but ourselves for the loss. Never mind all the silly finger-pointing and bitching - our KIDS flat out screwed up.

I'm sick and tired of all this crap about blaming the coaches for every little thing the Gators do wrong and not holding the PLAYERS accountable for what they do on the field. For Crissake, they're not little kindergarten kids! Does Timmy Tebow need his hand held and be TOLD to aim for his open receivers downfield? Do any of our other players need Teacher telling them how to hold onto the goddamn ball and not fumble it? Does Major Wright need to be guided through running a proper cover on a receiver like a little Pop Warner boy? SHEESH!

It comes down to our kids not doing their assignments when they should know better.

Perry, if you think you could do a better job, then perhaps YOU should try to call the plays and see if you could do a better job. It's so easy to blame the coaches for everything that goes wrong (shit, for that matter I ought to blame Dan Mullen for the fact that I have a headache right now - OK, I said that tongue-in-cheek but if you're smart you'll get my point), but at this level there's no reason why they can't execute properly. There was no excuse for those two back-to-back fumbles to start off the second half that wound up being costly.

Blame the coaches all you want if it makes you happy, but I'm not worshipping in the Fire Dan Mullen church.