Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hate Miami Week Notes

First of all, for me, every week is Hate Miami Week (the football team and mainly its fans, not my hometown) but obviously the intensity of the hate gets ratcheted up during game week. And I've got more than 20-years worth of hate inside of me waiting to be released in the type of cathartic fangasm that only a thorough trouncing of the Canes could deliver.

For a refresher on this on-again/off-again rivalry please read this.

Also I'd like to point your attention to our old fried Sam Chi's site, BCS Guru. Sam is a former sports journalist and currently one of the editors of Real Clear World. Among his hobbies is replicating the BCS standings formula and putting out his predictions of what those standings would be. This is especially difficult because some of the components of the BCS formula aren't available yet. Still his predictions have been remarkably close.

You can view his latest BCS standings here. Note that Florida is third behind USC and Ohio State. There are four SEC teams in the current top 10.

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Anonymous said...


Should I wear my "Ibis--the OTHER white meat" shirt to the Swamp tomorrow?

Or the old standard--Albert on the front with ibis feathers in his mouth, the back says "Tastes Like Chicken"?