Wednesday, August 20, 2008

As for that BlogPoll...

I see I’m getting a number of referrals from MGoBlog regarding my preseason BlogPoll, and my honorary spot as “Mr. Bold”.

I discussed my preseason rankings here.

Let me also add the following – I don’t think preseason polls are worth a hill-of-spit, and in fact I think they fly directly in the face of equity and competitive balance. Consider this – no team ranked worse than 19th preseason (Oklahoma in 2000) has ever won the BCS title, nor a “consensus” “national title” in at least the past 15 years.

So for those teams not ranked in the top 20 (and for those not part of a “major” conference) – see ya, bye-bye, thanks for playing. You have ZERO shot at a BCS title in 2008. And unless you get extremely lucky a-la Oklahoma 2000 (everyone in front of you loses), you really don’t have a shot if you are not in the top 10.

So, in regard to my poll, and the admittedly unlikely prospect Michigan, FSU or Notre Dame will do anything worthwhile this year, I say – Let’s see the actual games.

Then, let’s decide who is best.

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