Monday, July 21, 2008

Is it football season yet?

*Stirring from his hibernative state*

Yes, I am still out there.

It has been a nice off season to recuperate, and get back in the college football mode. Believe me blogging can take something out of you. When you couple that with a personal passion like college football, it can be draining.

That said, I am back, baby!

I spent this past weekend in Gainesville, with the town on the cusp of stirring towards The Season. There were signs up for freshman orientation. It is coming.

I’m going to open the 2008 season with my National Power Rankings created last year. But first, let me clear the air. I got a little snippy sometimes last year, which with the relative distance of time I blame on my personal disappointment with Florida’s season. Sure, a 9-4 campaign with a Heisman should be good enough for anyone. But following a BFF National Title (Big Fat Fake) in 2006, my hopes were too high, and my objectivity, such that it is, was impaired. Most of all, with the super talented offense we had, I expected more. Florida's 2007 defense was a disaster for the ages.

So, I apologize to Georgia fans for my hissy fit about their on the field celebration high jinx, and to Michigan fans for my dismissal of their bowl win. As for Georgia, the “Celebration” will undoubtedly become a cherished part of Florida-Georgia lore, and here’s betting Meyer has a clever way of payback come October.

Now, on with the season!

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Anonymous said...

I think that you're right in saying that Meyer is looking for payback on the celebration.

He had 3-1/2 quarters of time for payback last year. He may wished that he had taken that opportunity.