Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Year Without A National Champion

Not that there has ever been one, but this year really emphasizes the point.

Instead of watching USC and Georgia rout 2 highly overmatched opponents (neither opponent was the best team either played this year), imagine if USC had played Georgia?

Imagine if LSU against Ohio State was merely the semi-final, with the winner to play the USC-Georgia winner?

What could have been.

As it is even the mentally overmatched sports media is suggesting that USC and/or Georgia might be the "best" teams out there right now. Last night's BCS games proved nothing.

Nor will the BCS title game.

The system we have now is - at it's best - a one game playoff between two chosen teams, with a series of surrounding games that have all the intrigue of the NIT tournament. And this year, even the chosen teams are questionable.


Chris Haaker said...

Since all you SEC homers are so fond of "you suck as bad as the worst team that beat the team that beat you" when ragging on the B10; Florida has now been beaten by App State??

Mergz said...

Whoa - did some bald dude with a 1990's goatee in a 1970's shirt just leave a comment on the blog?

Mergz said...

P.S. - Does that mean Illinois just lost to Stanford?

Seriously dude, no one on this blog has ever used that kind of logic. But if it makes you feel better, I said - in jest - the same (we lost to App State) in the post just below this one.

But at least if the Michigan loss to App State "transfers" to Florida, at least we lost to a true national champion!