Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Well, that's over.

Now we have naught to look forward to but "the team playing the best football right now" against the "coach of the year", and perhaps the fakest of "national title" games yet, a match-up between a 2 loss team and as listless a 1 loss team as I have ever seen.

30 plus days since the regular season ends, and we get ... this crap.

Does any sport end more unsatisfyingly than college football?

P.S. - Grats to Michigan, we have now effectively lost to App State. Carr was and is a class act, and I don't mind seeing him go out a winner.


DolFan 316 said...


Seriously, MICHIGAN winning a big game?!?!

This Gator D HAS to be the worst in school history.

There's not enough beer in town for me to drink to get over this one!!!

Anonymous said...

"look at me, i am so calm and cool that i do not care that my team got fucked up by a team from a conference i love talking shit about. it does not matter to me one bit"

Anonymous said...

Heh. For a lesson on what "getting fucked up" looks like, see last year's BCS title game.

Winning by two field goals does not fit that description.

Mergz said...

See post below - I was prepping the same title even if Florida won.

I'm tired beyond words of these meaningless bowl games. As a person who goes to virtually every Florida home game I haven't been to one of the Orlando-Tampa Bowls since early in the Spurrier era. Hell, I can't even remember who we played in most of them.

Why do I value the home games and not these bowls? Well it is a chance to go back to college and see friends I don't see the rest of the year. And, most likely, it is a game against a hated rival. A game that means something.

These bowl games lack any of that passion. I don't hate Michigan. If we had won we move up what, a place or two in the final polls? We lose and the worst I feel is we didn't represent the SEC well enough. Not exactly motivating.

Maybe its a perspective thing when compared to last year. Maybe its just a case of getting older. But I guarantee that had this been a playoff game, not only would I have been there, I would have been deeply hurt by this loss.

Michigan played a great game. We should have lost by more. I'm glad I wasn't there. Beyond that I won't even remember this game in two years.

Anonymous said...

When you win the turnover battle 4-0 and still lose, I would consider that getting "fucked up"....

Lenny said...

Your probably right Mergz we "could have lost by a lot more", amazing how Michigan seems to own the SEC what their 20-5 against the SEC now. Their just kids but it hurts, seems Tebow coulda picked apart one of the weakest defensive backfield in the Big Ten for some reason it didn't happen. At least Zooker is getting blasted with USC getting to play at home again.

Anonymous said...

Gator fans, take heart. At least you don't have the Zooker there anymore. This is some abortion of a game. Be sure to use the Zook the Martyr picture tomorrow. I love that!

DolFan 316 said...

After attempting to watch the two complete farces of BCS games tonight (I simply didn't have the mental strength to see either abomination all the way through) I am now firmly in Mergz's "bowl games are a bunch of meaningless crap" school of thought.

USC-Illinois and Georgia-Hawaii are the two worst New Year's bowl games I've seen in my life.

Gator Duck said...

Mergz, dolfan, I'm with you. I watched the Gators to the end but didn't feel nearly as devastated as the losses to Auburn, LSU and Georgia. It was much more about letting our SEC bretheren down. When it came to the Rose and Sugar, I turned both of them off early --- I almost never abandon a game early, no matter how lopsided.


Andrew said...

Darn you... your pessimism is rubbing off on me! I'm sitting here watching OU/WVU and I can't force myself to pay attention!