Friday, November 16, 2007

Who Does Number 2 Work For?

The answer this season is apparently no one.

With last night’s loss to Arizona, the Oregon Ducks become the fifth 2nd ranked team to lose to an unranked opponent in just 7 weeks.

It ain't easy being me

To recap, first there was USC in week five losing to Stanford. Doesn’t the outrage of LSU “jumping” USC in the week 5 polls seem so quaint and distant now?

Then, there was number 2 Cal losing to Oregon State in week 6, officially cancelling the November 10th USC at Cal as “THE GAME OF THE CENTURY”. In fact, by the time it was played, it wasn’t even the game of the day, or its timeslot for that matter.

Week 7 saw South Florida lose to at Rutgers. Yeah, I don’t remember who South Florida is anymore either.

Boston College clung determinedly to that number 2 spot for – 2 weeks. They haven’t won since.

And now Oregon.

As for our next number 2, is it Oklahoma? Good luck to ya Sooners.


Year2 said...

Oklahoma stands to be #2 in the human polls, but Kansas will be #2 in the BCS rankings. How 'bout a preemptive #2 strike with Iowa State over Kansas, Kansas State over Missouri, and Texas Tech over Oklahoma?

Anonymous said...

I would be in absolute ecstasy if all three Big 12 teams lost :-) Unfortunately I think the odds of someone winning the lottery are actually higher.

Anonymous said...

Oklahoma going down?

Mission Accomplished