Saturday, November 17, 2007

Shame of the SEC

SEC teams don't lose to Sun Belt teams. We put up 59 points on them.

Maybe we can donate 'Bama to the ACC.


Anonymous said...

One of those's a toss up, LSU won but sure didn't look like a number one. It may be early but we could be scratching Oklahoma out tonight. Saw the Ohio State game, can't imagine that team getting Zooked by anyone, what a defense. Maybe they slip back into the National Championship picture especially if LSU goes down. How does that work, who will be playing Kansas?

JJ Gator said...

Oklahoma did indeed lose to Texas Tech; looks as though LSU has the #1 slot. I wouldn't be surprised to see them play Kansas for the NC.

Much needed win for the Gators; if we can make it three in a row over the Team Out West and rack up some "style points" I hope can we improve our BCS possibilities in spite of not going to the SECCG this year (thanks for nothing, Kentucky!) and possibly slip in to the Top 10 in the rankings.

Zuck Fook. I'd like to see us in a rematch with Michigan or perhaps get a shot at Clemson in our bowl game!

As far as Nick Saban goes he's been somewhat of a disappointment this season, and expect further meltdown if it's "round the bowl and down the hole, ROLL TIDE ROLL" because they lose the Iron Bowl to Auburn this coming weekend.

Anonymous said...

@ JJ

Michigan doesn't have a team left with Henne and Hart headed for surgery. Everyone wants Illinois vs the Gators. Wouldn't that be fun?! Illinois almost clocked Mizz before they got the Juice rollin' in later games, right now I think their a top 5 team regardless what the BCS says. Would have liked to see Georgia play LSU. Maybe Mizz beats Kansas but loses to OU a 2nd time so LSU plays WVU if they don't get upset by UCONN. Overall I see LSU, OSU, Georgia, Arizona State and Illinois as the strongest teams right now. The Gators can play with any of them so the Bowls will be fun.

Henry Gomez said...

right now I think their a top 5 team regardless what the BCS says

Unfortunately for you the what the BCS says does matter.

There isn't a single team in the BCS top 5 with more than one loss and you want to put 3-loss Illinois in there.

Your bias is showing. Illinois lost to a pedestrian Iowa team and a beat up and ordinary Michigan team. They lost to the number 4 team. They won a nice one against a still overrated OSU team.

Florida doesn't deserve the number 12 ranking it holds right now. The Gators deserve to be ranked somewhere in the neighborhood of Illinois at about 16 or 17.

Anonymous said...

@ Henry

wasn't talking about the BCS ranking, guess I was just thinking Illinois would be a better matchup than Michigan. Teams can mature and play better as the season unfolds but obviously the BCS system is based on a complete season as it should. your probably right about the rankings, thanks for the comment.
BTW you guys have a great blog always enjoy the rants.

JJ Gator said...

I still say screw the Zooker. We have unfinished business to settle with Michigan, in part kindness of moRon Zook.

Illinois is NOT a "strong" team! If they were, they'd be atop the Big 10 now, but they couldn't find a way to beat Michigan or Iowa, and they were also beaten by a Top 10 team at the beginning of the season (Mizzou).

We need this win over the SOW this coming weekend, and we need it in a BIG way. There's still a chance for us to possibly move up in the BCS rankings, perhaps even into the Top 10, and that can only mean a better bowl berth for us.