Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sagarin vs. Saurian, Results

Since Mergz has devised a predictor model of his own I thought I'd match his picks up against Sagarin's picks vs. the Vegas spread. These are the 3 games that the two predictors disagree on (from the handful of games that Mergz gave out on his most recent predictions post).

Kansas at Oklahoma State

Vegas Spread: Kansas -5.5

Sagarin picked: Kansas

Saurian picked: Oklahoma State

Kansas wins and covers, Sagarin +1

Baylor at Oklahoma

Vegas Spread: Oklahoma -23

Sagarin picked: Oklahoma

Saurian picked: Baylor

Result: Kansas wins and cover, Sagarin +1

Auburn at Georgia

Vegas Spread: Georgia -1

Sagarin picked: Auburn

Saurian picked: Georgia

Result: Georgia wins and covers, Saurian +1
So Sagarin wins this round 2-1. If you had bet these 3 games with Sagrin you'd be up $90. If you'd be with the Saurian you'd be down down $120.

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