Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Relax Florida fans, he is not one of ours

This fellow has been showing up on several of our rival's websites as the "Number One Tebow Fan";

What we really have is a very clever photoshop job. Here is the original;

One of the first instances of it I could find before alteration was on the Third Saturday in Blogtober website. From there someone with admittedly amazing alteration talents took over.

Funny as hell? You bet ya!

But alas, not real.


Anonymous said...

THAT is the most God-auful mullet I've seen!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Um, yeah, I came to the rescue of two friends who each had the Tebow version sent to them by taunting co-workers in the week leading up to the Florida-Georgia game. Fortunately, a quick Google image search of "mullet" pulls up the original version on the third page of results, so those puppies were quickly silenced. Also, my gut instinct tells me this guy is Canadian, and therefore subjected to ridicule by all Americans, not just Florida or Georgia fans.


Anonymous said...

Not just the mullet, but the fact that he's wearing jorts too makes it even funnier!

SonuvaDawg said...

I have a feeling that even in the "original", the mullet is photoshopped in.

That said, even the final enhanced version is a fair representation of a mullet haired jort wearing Gator fan!! Go Dawgs!! :-)

Gator Duck said...

Looks just like those Georgia girls I saw in Jacksonville :)

Really purtee

Mergz said...

sonuvadawg - Yeah, I suspect that too - the hair is simply too separate appearing.

It really is hilarious, even in the doctored form. Some people have more photoshop talent and time than I can imagine

Ryan Ferguson said...

People were honestly taken by that photoshopped version? Do you think even a mullethead would have tattooed "t-bone" on his bicep?

C'mon people... at attention!

Anonymous said...

Even "Mr2Cents" over at Zook Country could have done a better photoshop job!