Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Are These Buckeyes Better?

Although Ohio State is the consensus number 1 right now (for the most part), they don’t seem to have the “Team of Destiny” mantle the Buckeyes carried last year. A lack of a Heisman worthy quarterback candidate is undoubtedly part of the equation, as well as any hangover remaining from our Gators totally dominating performance in the BCS title game.

However, this Ohio State team compares very favorably at this point in time with the BCS runner-ups, at least statistically. When you compare the 2007 Buckeyes through ten games with the final results from 2006, you find some very interesting statistical comparisons –

Total Offense (YPG)

2006 – 384.5 ypg
2007 – 415

Total Defense (YPG)

2006 – 280.46
2007 – 221.20 (1st nationally)

Scoring Offense

2006 – 34.6
2007 – 34.9

Scoring Defense

2006 – 12.8
2007 – 9.7

In all of these statistical categories the 2007 Buckeye version ranks better than the 2006 edition. Granted, this year’s team has yet to play Michigan, and the results of the BCS Title game skewed the 2006 stats, but the difference is still significant.

Plus, last year’s Michigan game was a offensive statistical bonus, with 42 points and 503 yards. If anything, the Michigan over-inflated those stats.

Where the 2007 Buckeyes seem to have a distinct statistical advantage right now is defense. At 9.7 ppg, they are well within the realm of past national championship defenses.

For whatever reason, this Buckeye team doesn’t have the aura of destiny that last year’s team possessed. But statistically, they look like the team that might walk away with all the hardware.


dethwing said...

It's simple, from my perspective at least. Last year's OSU team started out #1. Everyone expected them to win all their games, and when they did, no one was surprised. And everyone proclaimed them to be God's gift to football.

This year, they didn't even start in the top 10, and were not expected to be in this position. They're #1 by default. Hence no "aura". Seems reasonable to me.

Anonymous said...

There's no apostrophe in Buckeyes

Henry Gomez said...

Thank you sir proofreader. Your check is in the mail.

Anonymous said...

They're better. Look faster, tougher and their QB seems to be a real QB, not just another Gino Blowretta.

I don't see any real weaknesses.

Henry Gomez said...

Talk is cheap. We've seen this movie before. OSU cruises to the BCS CG and then lays an egg to a battle-hardened team. Tressel and Delany will blame the long lay-off.

Anonymous said...

I just hope they hand moRon Zook his ass!