Friday, November 16, 2007


I took a great deal of heat in discussion of my latest BlogPoll voting for having the audacity to rank Oregon 7th. I was attacked as an "Oregon doubter" for a vote that was "unjustifiable".

I noted I was simply unimpressed by their home loss to 4 loss Cal. We have a number of 1 loss teams, and I pointed out since none of us really know who is "better", I was doing my best to sort out who belonged in what order.

The commentary then moved on to chest beating proclamations of folks who did know indeed who was "better". It was Oregon, I was told (boy, was I).

So, will the same so-sure-of-themselves types now rank Arizona ahead of Oregon? After all, isn't Arizona clearly better?

Before the "Dennis Dixon" excuses roll in (and I hope he is all right), Oregon surrendered 34 points to a team that ranked 55th in total offense and 51st in scoring offense.

The point is to my fellow pollsters and opinionators - you don't know who the "best" team is. Neither do the national polls that, for the most part, look just like the BlogPoll.

And this gets proved repeatedly with every ballot that is released.

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