Wednesday, November 21, 2007

FSU Fans

Since Bill is getting the mood set at Scalp 'Em with plenty of videos mocking the Gators, I thought turnabout would be fair play. Here's a dude touting 12 ACC titles. Yeah and you're the tallest man at midget convention. Enjoy it. He also says Florida has "no right to even be here, ever" without two rings. I wonder if he was talking about Football or Basketball. And what position did he play for the 'Noles when he won "his" rings which he proudly pretends to show off.

Then there's this Mensa Club member:

The announcer guy in this next video asks "Do you smell that?" And by "that" he means Renegade's turds. If you do then you know it's "Florida State Football" because Chief Oceola has a tear in his eye, though it's hard to tell if it's because of Renegade, the litterbugs or Florida State's terrible quarterbacking.

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NoleCC said...

Blasphemy... this is all an editing job by the Saurian Sagacity Writers, by taking things out of context, and reworking them to make FSU look like the Clip of the Week.

For instance, the announcer guys is obviously a "The Rock" wannabe Cane... smelling things... the dumpster diver obviously just witnessed the Tebow Kiss and it sent him over the edge, and the 2 rings fan was simply... well he was just an idiot... we all have a couple of those.