Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blog Swap, FSU Week

This season we're exchanging posts with blogs that represent each of our major opponents. For FSU we are doing the swap with Scalp 'Em, The opinions expressed below are those of Bill Kristoph. Our thoughts are posted on his site. This post will remain at the top of the blog throughout the day Wednesday. Look for newer posts immediately below. BTW don't let the title of Bill's post fool you, he's got a post over on his blog entitled "This is why you suck Gators".


5 Reasons I Respect You, Florida

I could go on and on about what I hate about UF, or Gator fans or the school itself, but that wouldn't challenge my creative abilities. So, let me offer an olive branch, Gator readers of Saurian Sagacity, while I tell you about the 5 Reasons I Respect You, Florida.

1. You truly believe that it is "great to be a Florida Gator." I honestly admire that in your fans and university. Others might call it a swagger, but swagger is generally associated with winning, and Gators don't seem to equate how great being a Gator is with victory. Sure, it's been a heck of a run lately, but even when things weren't going so well a few years ago, there was still an Orange and Blue pride that I haven't witnessed at other schools.

2. You represent both sexes with your mascots. Really, I'm serious when I say I respect that about the University of Florida. Many of you might think that I'm joking with this one, but I've always appreciated that both sexes are represented at UF. FSU has both logos, but the Seminole Princess is a rarity these days, in favor of other feather or arrowhead logos, and even then the Princess is only used for women's sports. Albert and Ally make quite the co-ed team.

3. The Swamp. While I might hate the architecture of it, you guys knew what you were doing when it came to building it for noise. I've only been in the upper deck and my ears were splitting, I can't imagine how awful it is down on the field for opposing teams. I'm sure I'd have to wear earplugs. On top of that, Florida Gators fill the stands for crappy directional school teams. That's a rarity in these days of the bandwagon fan.

4. You've been a solid football powerhouse for a long, long time. There was a bump in the road with the Zook days, and I'd argue that your peak was never as high as Florida State's or Miami's in football, but there hasn't been the crash at UF that both FSU and Miami have experienced. And, on top of all of that, you've been pretty clean about it over the years.

5. Your cheerleaders. Generally, I rank them behind only USC's Song Girls and the Cowgirl Uniformed Texas Cheerleaders. Really, do I have to say a whole lot more?

Thanks for hearing me out Gator Nation, Go 'Noles! >>>-------|>


Henry Gomez said...

For the record, it's Alberta not Ally. Only her lesbian lover gets away with calling her Ally.

NoleCC said...

Hmm... well Ally makes more sense damnit. :) Alberta and Albert makes it sound like they have the same parents.

Then again... maybe that is right.

Randy said...

Don't all Gators have the same parents?

Anonymous said...

Half-ass U can kiss my Gator-fan ass as far as I'm concerned.

Buy Bobby Bowden plenty of Depends, and while you're at it make sure Jenn Sterger has some Summer's Eve douche, too!

NoleCC said...

Why does everyone bring up Jenn Sterger? We're not all fans of her you know... some of us have taste.

gatorhippy said...

I'm not really a fan of Jenn Sterger...

Just her boobies...

Anonymous said...

I second that motion