Tuesday, October 09, 2007

BlogPoll Ballot

Once again, this is not a power poll. It is a merit based “resume” poll that relies heavily on what teams have actually achieved on the field thus far. Accordingly, no 2 loss teams are featured.

For the first time I have ranked unbeaten teams behind 1-loss teams, especially one loss teams with relatively narrow defeats to top ranked opponents. Note to UConn – it is high time to play someone, anyone!

My efforts are thus –

1 LSU --
2 Ohio State 3
3 California 1
4 Missouri 6
5 South Florida 2
6 Arizona State 5
7 Boston College 1
8 Cincinnati 1
9 Kansas 6
10 South Carolina 6
11 Oregon 6
12 Illinois 13
13 Hawaii 1
14 Connecticut --
15 Kentucky 7
16 West Virginia 2
17 Virginia Tech 7
18 Oklahoma 4
19 Purdue 6
20 Wisconsin 16
21 Indiana 5
22 Florida State 4
23 Texas A&M 3
24 Virginia 2
25 Southern Cal 18

Dropped Out: Georgia (#19), Michigan State (#20), Florida (#21), Kansas State (#23).

Just off the board – Boise, Florida, Auburn, Michigan State, Georgia, Tennessee

More commentary later, time permitting.


Troy said...

I'm not sure all 25 of those teams have a better resume than Florida. Tennessee looked horrible against UF, and it's the Gators' best win, but Tenn showing a pulse against UGA gives a little life back to UF's Tennessee win. Plus, losing on the road to the #1 team essentially because they got the ball last... isn't really that bad.

shaun l said...

how does Florida drop after the LSU game if youre using resume ranking? That would be like looking at a guy's resume and saying "he ran for president, but he lost by a few percentage points - lets hire the guy who won the city council seat instead (Indiana?)

Jason said...

I thought ranking Georgia over Florida on the last poll was just silly. I'm not sure what to call this.

Yeah, I'm pissed we lost and pissed at how we lost... but we went toe to toe with the one team that has looked like the number one team they sometimes end up ranked and held a lead until a last minute desperation drive to take the lead with a minute left in the game. On the way to doing so, LSU had to pull luck enough to convert 5 4th down conversions, and somehow win an insanely stupid coaches challenge.

If we had lost despite tons of LSU issues, 5 turnovers on their part, etc, I might understand it, but LSU played well all along (and in the end, better) so we had to fight for that lead we carried.

Mergz said...

I agree with the comments on our play against LSU - but remember we lost to Auburn in the Swamp. Auburn, who lost at their own home to USF (yeah, yeah) and to Mississppi "freakin" State, also at Auburn.

Had we lost only to LSU, at LSU, I would have us ranked about 10th (where South Carolina is). But we dropped because we have 2 losses now, not one. How could we not drop? We certainly shouldn't go up.

If Florida takes care of its business, as their are fewer and fewer no or 1 loss teams we will rise. If we lose a third - or goodness forbid a fourth - we won't deserve to be ranked at all.

shaun l said...

yeah but from a resume standpoint (and a power poll standpoint) a loss by 4 to LSU is much better than a win over minnesota or whatever - our past performance indicates we are a top 10 team. maybe im misinterpreting resume ranking here but a drop in UFs rank this week doesnt make much sense - it might be the CW among pollsters, but its dumb

Robert said...

These points are all true, but one thing remains: a bad win is better than a good loss. Trust me when I say this (long-suffering South Carolina fan).