Monday, September 24, 2007

Revenge Week

Auburn must die.

The only blemish on an otherwise perfect year was those Tigers - War Eagles – Plainsmen. And that was only clearly as a result of lucky play and biased referees.

Fumble my ass, Leak’s arm was going forward.

We only hope you can read the scoreboard this Saturday night.

But for Auburn, Florida would be riding a 20 game winning streak going all the way back to November of 2005.

You will pay for what you have done. May a thousand shames befall you and your generations yet unborn this Saturday night.


LeftLeaningLady said...

Damn straight his arm was going forward. That was an incomplete pass!

Yea, a thousand shames AND MORE.

Go Gators!

wjlanesr said...

If his arm was going forward, it would have been intentional grounding...and hence the result would have been the same. Get over it.
As in years past...Auburn spoils your season again this year!

Henry Gomez said...


How do you figure? Do you know where the ball would have ended up if he hadn't been hit?


Henry Gomez said...

Oh and you need to get over losing to USF.

Our spoiled season last year had us winning the BCS championship.