Monday, September 24, 2007

BlogPoll Ballot – Week 4

Here it is –

2Oklahoma 1
3Southern Cal 1
4Ohio State 1
5Florida 1
7Kentucky 2
9Boston College 2
10Cincinnati 2
11South Florida 1
12West Virginia 2
13Clemson 3
14Wisconsin 1
15Missouri 4
16Rutgers 4
17Michigan State 4
18Kansas 4
19Texas 6
20Arizona State 3
21Purdue 5
22Hawaii 4
23Miami (Florida) 3
24Virginia Tech 2
25Georgia 1

Dropped Out: Air Force (#11), South Carolina (#15), Alabama (#17), Penn State (#18), Texas A&M (#24).

This ranking is flawless, unassailable and beyond dispute. Anyone who sees it different is a tool of evil powers.

Don’t even attempt to question my methods, or I will be forced to fire torrents of indisputable logic salvos upon you. And you will crumble.


JJ Gator said...

I'll say your rankings this week are accurate, Mergz; we sure didn't accrue any BCS "style points" in that win over Ole Miss like we did against Tennessee.

LSU deserves to be #1; I watched the game they played against South Carolina and they were clearly in command of that one. The Tigers pulled a rabbit out of the hat with that faked FG attempt and executed it perfectly (Coach Meyer, definitely get your hands on that game film!) Their QB duo of Flynn-Perilloux is awesome; but, Tebow-Newton can be just as powerful based on what I've seen Cam Newton capable of doing so far.

Kentucky's the biggest surprise this year; that huge win over Louisville and the recent win over Arkansas gave them some MAJOR momentum. This is one game the Gators need to be well prepared for; the Cats aren't a "cupcake" anymore as far as football is concerned!

I look for Bama to get back into the top-25 if they can pull off a win over the School Out West in Jax next week; had Penn State beat Michigan they still would have been ranked.

Mergz said...

Thanks jj.

I agree UK scares me but good - especially up there in hill country.

Bama, Penn State and South Carolina all are just off my 25. That game in Jax is going to be interesting as hell.