Friday, September 07, 2007

Mr. Manic Depressive

Bold, yet easily distracted by shiny things. So Brian calls my voting (and perhaps me) in the Week One BlogPoll results.

Does he know about the man in the park too?

In the first BlogPoll based on actual results, we sagacious saurians find ourselves number two in the “Mr. Bold Existence” category (to the Sunday Morning Quarterback, no less), and a firm first in the “Mr. Manic-Depressive” area.

The first “award” (Mr Bold Existence) refers to our significant differences in ratings from the mean or average BlogPoller. My poll, which I have referred to as “non-static”, is actually my attempt to be “resume based”, as so eloquently put by the SMQ regarding his own efforts. Efforts which, I might add, are exactly the boldness I was seeking had I possessed the intestinal fortitude to fully rank teams based on accomplishments actually achieved.

The second “award” (Mr. Manic-Depressive) refers to the differences between my initial and last poll, and the vast “swing” or changes in rankings made. What I have been trying to accomplish all along is a results oriented poll, and since we didn’t have any results until Thursday last, a true poll was unattainable, to my thinking.

Well, having leapt in feet first to my hereto thought to be unique ranking system (that is until I discovered the Sunday Morning Quarterback to be of a somewhat akin, although sharper focused, mindset), I plan to continue ranking them as I see them thus accomplished.

Therefore, wild swings and bold divergence to continue.

Now, if I can only figure out what that shiny thing in the corner over there is...

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