Thursday, September 06, 2007

Get to know Riley Cooper

My co-blogger Mergz was a little surprised at WR Riley Cooper's standout performance in the opener against Western Kentucky. He attributed it to the attention being paid by the Hill Toppers defense to the other receivers. I suspect that it's more than that. Last year we saw Tim Tebow hook up with Cooper for 3 TDs in one game against Western Carolina last year. It seems to me that in addition to Cooper's size and considerable speed that Tebow and Cooper established a rapport as back-ups last year. This can happen when a QB routinely gets snaps with the second unit instead of the starters. For more on Riley Cooper read Robbie Andreu's article at the Gainesville Sun.


Anonymous said...

Kind of funny that everyone is so loath to mention the real reason no one thinks he's fast.

Henry Gomez said...

Well, there's that too. LOL. There are some fast white guys but they generally aren't big.