Wednesday, September 05, 2007

BCS Projections after week one

Part of the ethos of this blog has to do with exposing the bill of goods that the football watching public has been sold under the label of "national championship." Today what we essentially have is a two-team tournament whose selection committee is called the BCS. And while we crusade against this farce, we also follow it very closely because, in the end, it's all we have. Plus it's fun to poke holes in it and mock it when necessary, which is often.

Because we do follow the BCS closely, having some good intelligence on the whole process is paramount. And that's where our good friend the BCS guru comes in. The Guru has created a model with which he can forecast the BCS standings before they come out each week and he's quite accurate at doing it. This is especially helpful at this point in the season because there are no BCS standings yet. But the guru uses the available BCS component polls and rankings to create his forecast. At this point in the season it's a little more dicey because certain BCS component polls are not available yet. But still it gives us some direction on who we can expect to be at the top of the BCS rankings when they do come out.

The week 1 simulated BCS rankings are out and to nobody's surprise USC is number 1. What is slightly surprising is that Florida is number 2, just ahead of LSU. As the Guru note, that will resolve itself for sure because the two teams face each other in Baton Rouge in about a month.

See the rest of the Guru's projected BCS rankings here and more analysis here.

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