Monday, September 17, 2007

And While We Are At It…

The national polls are obtuse, and totally lacking in reason.

The AP and USA Today/Coaches’ Polls are out. They suck.

First of all Texas ranked 7th (AP) and 6th (USA Today). Is anyone paying attention out there? Hello? Texas is a play or two from a 1-2 record. They have narrow wins over Arky State, and Central Florida.

A message to poll voters? Credit

And why in the hell is Kentucky ranked lower than the “curl in a ball and moan” defenseless wonder known as Louisville? Why is Louisville ranked at all? How can you be either 3 spots worse (AP) or 4 spots worse (USA Today) than a team you beat! (We are proud to say that we saw that result coming).

That we base the “outcome” (such that it is) on this process is ludicrous.

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