Thursday, August 30, 2007

USC to Win It All

Or so say the experts

I mean, is there an independent thinker out there?

Anywhere? and have published their projections for the season.

Here are the “experts”, and their forecasts for the mythical national champion –


Collin Cowherd – USC (over Texas)
Bill Curry – USC (over Texas)
Rece Davis – USC (over Texas)
Jim Donnan- USC (over Michigan)
Bruce Feldman – USC (over LSU)
Pat Forde – USC (over West Virginia)
Rod Gilmore – USC (over LSU)
Ivan Maisel – USC (over Oklahoma)
Todd McShay – USC (over Virginia Tech)
Joe Schad – USC (over LSU)
Mark Schlabach – USC (over Michigan)
Robert Smith – USC (over West Virginia)


Stewart Mandel – USC (over LSU)
Cory McCartney – USC (over West Virginia)
Austin Murphy – USC (over West Virginia)
Luke Winn – LSU (over West Virginia)

Well, there is at least one “expert” willing to go out on a limb (sarcasm intended).


If USC does win the BCS title, this might be the most boring college football season in memory.

However, let’s take a look at what the “experts” (at least ESPN’s) picked for 2006 BCS Title Game –

Cowherd – OSU v Notre Dame
Curry – Texas v OSU
Davis – OSU v Notre Dame
DiNardo (Gerry) – OSU v Auburn
Donnan – OSU v Auburn
Feldman – West Virginia v OSU
Gilmore – USC v Auburn
Maisel – West Virginia v Auburn
McShay – Notre Dame v Florida State
Revsine (Dave) – Auburn v Texas
Schlabach – Auburn v OSU
Smith – Auburn v OSU

Florida? Anyone?

Oh that’s right, to have picked Florida, they would have had to seen UF winning the SEC. All twelve “experts” choose Auburn to win the SEC.

Auburn was last year’s LSU. Most predictions had a rematch SEC Championship game between Auburn and Florida, with Auburn winning again. Does that sound familar?

Arkansas? No one picked them to win the West.

Also no “expert” picked the ACC Champ (most had FSU or Miami). Only two of the 12 had Oklahoma as the Big 12 Champ.

They did a bit better with the Big 10 Champ (10 of 12 had OSU).

Of course, Ohio State was last year’s “sure thing”.

I guess we had better play the games after all.


Gator Duck said...

I am so sick and tired of these zookin asshats...

Ryan Ferguson said...

Quite honestly, this does not bother me. What should one expect? USC is the favorite. On paper, there's no reason to think someone else will win it, even though it's possible if not probable. There's also a strong likelihood that someone other than preseason #1, #2 or #3 will win it.

In the near future, Florida will be in USC's slot. Do not doubt it for a minute. Meyer has been steadily building toward a true college football dynasty the likes of which has not been seen since the days of Bear Bryant. People will be complaining about Florida being preseason #1 in the next year or two.

Book it.

Mergz said...

Ryan -

Hmmmm. You place me in an interesting postion.

If what you say proves to be true, then I would be a hypocrite not to complain then that everyone is picking Florida number 1.

Oh well, I guess I can live with that.