Thursday, August 02, 2007

The BCS Guru is back

A couple of months ago I blogged about my weekend at the BCS Guru's Bed & Breakfast in Amelia Island, Florida.

I didn't mention the Guru's real name because I wasn't sure he wanted it to be made public but the Guru has posted his in-depth bio on his web site.

If you are a college football fan then you are probably interested in the BCS standings which are formulated using a variety of human and computer polls (there are links to all of the BCS component polls in the side bar under "Resources"). Well the BCS Guru has made it his mission to remove the mystery from the calculation of the BCS standings and he has quite a remarkable track record of accurately predicting what each week's standings are going to look like.

You are going to want to bookmark And in addition to knowing his stuff about football, the Guru is a hell of guy and I urge anyone who wants to spend a beautiful weekend in Florida to stay at the Ash Street Inn.

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