Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hangin' with the Guru

Back in January I made a wager with the BCS Guru. You see, he felt that OSU was going to roll in the BCS Championship. I found out that, in addition to being a former sports journalist, the Guru is an innkeeper and restaurateur on Amelia Islands in northeastern Florida so I bet him dinner that the Gators would win.

Being a man of his word, the Guru made good on his debt this Memorial day weekend when my wife and I made a special trip to Amelia Island to collect on the bet. Of course the Guru came out ahead since my wife and I stayed at his B&B and ended up eating at his restaurant for lunch too.

His wife, also a former sports journalist, is an attentive and wonderful host. I highly recommend the Ash Street Inn and Amelia Island if you are looking for a great place to spend a quiet few days and kill some time waiting for football season to start.

Here's some pics from our trip.

Ash Street Inn: BCS Guru and his lovely wife, propietors

Sagacious Saurian Spouse enjoying the view;
She's carrying two baby Gators that are due in October

Historic Ft. Clinch, Amelia Island

Wild horses (yes, wild horses)
grazing on Cumberland Island

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