Friday, July 27, 2007

ESPN Ranks the Teams

I know I shouldn’t care.

But I do.

Where is Florida going to end up in ESPN’s ranking of all 119 Division I teams over the past decade?

Like all of us that write about college football, ESPN is content challenged for material during the mid-summer doldrums. So, they had a panel of “experts” rank the 119 teams in order of success “based on the last 10 years of performance on the field, in the classroom and with NCAA compliance.”

They have released their results in groups of roughly 25 teams, from the bottom to the top, each day this week (Oh the suspense!). The top 25 is due out today.

Of the rankings so far, one’s that have caught my attention include –

119. Buffalo – The bottom of the barrel. And, according to the study I did on recruiting averages, the worst team in recruiting over the past 4 years. (Which suggests another study comparing my recruiting averages to this list).

95. Vanderbilt - The SEC’s worst team.

84. Illinois - But getting better every game.

74. Mississippi State – That much better than Vandy?

73. Kentucky – That close to MSU?

70. Rutgers – On the rise, but still firmly in the bottom half.

60. Wake Forest – See Rutgers.

58. South Florida – Better than Wake or Rutgers? Interesting.

46. South Carolina – Congrats Steve, you made the top half.

46. Ole Miss – Tied with South Carolina. That outta get the Old Ball Coach angry.

34. Alabama – No need for further snarky commentary.

30. Arkansas – Better than ‘Bama. (Oops!).

So, where will Florida end up?

Sure, the entire enterprise is patently subjective.

I shouldn’t care where Florida ends up.

But I do.

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