Thursday, April 05, 2007

Donovan to Stay - 'Cat Fans Meltdown

ESPN is reporting Billy Donovan will stay at Florida.

Meanwhile over at Catspause, the board is melting down. Over 13,000 people online as of this posting.

I was preparing a post on who insane the message board had gotten there - just an hour ago, people with "inside" information were assuring everyone Donovan was on his way. In fact, they had already moved beyond the hire to discuss his career at UK, and were making photoshop pictures of him in UK gear.

Apparently, the echo chamber of Catspause and Lexington had served for UK fans to convince themselves of something (in fact, of many things) that simply weren't true, and were without any basis. Newsflash people - Christine Donovan was never in Lexington, none of those planes had Billy on them, and their was no secret deal.

Another lesson in the internet era - just because people have been empowered to easily share opinion didn't make them any smarter. Some Kentucky fans are looking pretty stupid right now.

Billy, we are glad you are staying. It's great to be a Florida Gator.

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Anonymous said...

Billy followed his heart and stayed in Gainesville, and he had to do what was right for him, his family and UF.

It wasn't what Kentucky fans wanted to hear, but it was Billy's decision to make.

Nuff said.