Monday, January 15, 2007

Talk about outliers...

This whole subject of "selectors" is very interesting to me. I used to take it for granted that there were some 30-40 selectors in college football. At least that's more or less how many College Football Data Warehouse lists.

Here at Saurian Sagacity we've paid particularly close attention to the A.P. Poll and the various components of the BCS rankings. But today I found a page on the Massey Ratings site that proves that selectors are proliferating faster than bunnies. This particular page is rather helpful because it takes 84 different selectors and puts their rankings on a single page.

It was no surprise to see that Florida topped the lists of more than 60 of the selectors. I also wasn't surprised to see that some of the selectors that didn't have Florida ranked first didn't have the Gators ranked 2nd either. But one particular ranking really caught my attention. It was something called Pickle's Ratings. According to "Pickle" there are 15 teams better than Florida. That's right, the Gators are ranked 16th. Ahead of Florida in Pickle's Ratings are two teams that Florida beat (LSU and Ohio State) as well as the runners-up and/or 3rd place teams from conferences like the Pac-10, the Big East, and The Big XII.

I don't know what Pickle's formula is but I think he should check to make sure his computer isn't hitting the crack pipe when he's not home. We'll be watching Pickle to see what he and his wacky ratings system come out with next season.


Mergz said...

That is it!

If Pickle can have a rating, so can we.

Between now and next season we must invent the Saurian Sagacity rating system.

And why not? Until the NCAA decides to crown its own champion, the position is open to all.

Henry Gomez said...

I'm up for it.

Gator Duck said...

Frankly, I think you guys should be able to better than half of these yoyos.

Except for the work involved, it would also be fun to follow the Pastafarian's lead, but rather than lampooning Intelligent Design, use totally ridiculous criteria in the formulations to lampoon the existing systems. Wouldn't it be interesting if it was no worse that the majority of the systems in place!

Henry Gomez said...

Yeah, I could do Kirk Herbstreit's top 10 based on my watching 20 games each week and zero logic.

Gator Duck said...

Now THAT'S funny, Henry!