Monday, January 15, 2007

Danielson Speaks

Michigan made a lot of hay about Gary Danielson back when the Gators got selected for the BCS Championship Game. Danielson was taken to task on Detroit sports radio for comments he made in support of Florida's case during the SEC Championship. Well I was curious to see what, if anything, was said on that station after the Gator win a week ago.

To their credit, they had Danielson back on and admitted they were wrong.

Danielson's money quote: "Defensive style points count just as much as offensive style points."

Here's a link to the page where you can find both Danielson interviews. Look for these links:

Gary Danielson on The Big Show 1/09

The Big Show has on Gary Danielson 12-05


Gator Duck said...

Good for Gary. And yes, defensive style points DO count just as much.

ashepeaks said...

Good comments by Danielson (before and after).