Friday, December 29, 2006

Saurian Sagacity Bowl Challenge Update

In order to determine the "best" conference for 2006, we designed a Bowl Challenge. (Click the link for details)

The results of the last two days games -

3rd tier ACC (FSU) defeats 2nd tier Pac 10 (UCLA) - ACC +4

3rd tier Big 12 (Oklahoma State) defeats 3rd tier SEC (Bama) - Big 12 +3

1st tier Pac 10 (Cal) defeats 2nd tier Big 12 (Texas A&M) - Pac 10 +2

2nd tier Big East (Rutgers) defeats 3rd tier Big 12 (K State) - Big East +2

Making our current results -

ACC = 4

Big 10 = 0

Big 12 = 3

Big East = 4

Pac 10 = 0

SEC = 0

Tune into tomorrow for more updates


NoleCC said...

I like what you've done with this formula. Let's see how it pans out... you guys are on to something better than the Blogpoll imho.

Radog99 said...

Of course you want the SEC to win your stupid contest so you can further your propaganda about Florida being more deserving than Michigan is NCS cause they went through the "toughest" conference.