Monday, December 04, 2006

Herbie's "Logic" Redux

A lot of the talk on national sports radio is about whether Florida deserved to go or whether Michigan deserves a rematch. The people that think the latter are largely bolstering their argument using Kirk Herbstreit's "logic". They ask how Michigan can jumped twice in two weeks when they didn't play. I mean they know the answer but they don't accept it. The voters simply didn't want to see a rematch. And that's hardly a logical reason either.

But part of Herbie's argument is flawed. He says that coaches and Harris poll voters don't know the teams as well he does because they don't have time to watch the games and that he watches 20 games per week. He says that these coaches and voters simply made their decision on Florida's game against Arkansas.

I will go as far as to agree with him that some of the voters don't do a lot of research when they submit their votes and many of the coaches don't even vote, they have their SIDs do it for them. That's how it works during the season. However I think some of the voters had time to reflect on the final poll, which after all is the most important one, and in the end they decided Florida was the number 2 team in the country.

And here's another thing to ponder. If Herbie watches 20 games per week and thinks that Michigan is the number 2 team in the country than what should one make of the fact that many of his ESPN colleagues, who presumably watch as many games, believe Florida is number 2?

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