Monday, December 04, 2006

Gary Danielson's politicking for the Gators

I wanted to write something about how Gary Danielson has been crucified for his lobbying for the Gators during Saturday's SEC Championship game. The fact is that he did lobby and as unseemly as that may sound I consider it equal time based upon the lobbying that both USC and Michigan had gotten previously from the media talking heads. But I found somebody that voiced my opinion much more eloquently. Jack Fu at Midwest Bias had this to say:

I've actually seen a bunch of people complaining about Gary Danielson and Verne Lundquist "lobbying" hard for Florida during the SEC title game broadcast. Two things here: a.) they are kinda sorta employed by the SEC, so what did you expect them to do? And b.) how is this any different than Brent Musberger, Bob Davie, and Kirk Herbstreit, who ostensibly have no conference affiliation, repeating constantly during the OSU-UM game that "these are clearly the two best teams in the country"? Furthermore, Herbstreit took that attitude back to the College Gameday Final crew, where the analysts and hosts -- almost without exception -- clamored for a rematch. While every other team that had a viable shot at the title game still had two games left to play! If a Michigan fan is angry about Danielson and Lundquist's behavior this past Saturday, imagine how USC and Florida fans felt during the weeks surrounding the OSU-Michigan game. The people who stick to this whole "but we're the second-best team! Everyones says so!" argument, as well as the people who try to bash the "politicking" going on, are ignoring the media fellatio Michigan got leading up to, and even after, the November 18 game, which almost definitely contributed to this entitled attitude that Michian is clearly superior to Florida, when the resumes indicate that they're about as close as can be (the "evil" computers bear this out: the two teams finished in a literal tie in the computer polls).

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JJ Gator said...

At least Gary Danielson didn't mince his words.

As far as Verne Lundquist: Poo on that fat idiot. All season long his tone was biased against UF, and he must have really hated to give the Gators credit where it was due.

And as far as Kirk Herbstreit, that anal-retentive Mark May and the ultimate Zook-apologist Mike Gottfried at ESPN go, SCREW THEM.

As the BCS formula worked out, it worked to Florida's advantage. Our win-loss record and strength of schedule spoke for themselves. Florida fought for EVERY win they chalked up against ranked opponents and deserve to be going to Glendale to face Ohio State. This Gator team is the real deal.

Meatchicken had their chance to beat tOSU and get a shot at the National title, and they lost. As the old cliche goes, there's no use crying over spilled milk. DEAL WITH IT, y'all!!!