Friday, November 10, 2006

The BCS – Stuck on Stupid

Two consecutive Thursdays have shown us that the current BCS is beyond irrational, beyond illogical – that it is, in fact, stupid.

Before we start bleating about strength of schedules and conferences, first please consider the following –

BCS Standings October 29

1 Ohio State
2 Michigan
3 West Virginia
4 Florida
5 Louisville
6 Auburn
7 Texas
9 Notre Dame
10 California
11 Tennessee
12 Rutgers

At this point, we were being told that, despite West Virginia’s weak schedule, they were good enough to be 3rd in the BCS – good enough in fact that, if they won out, they would play in the BCS Title Game. Then, they lost to Louisville, and we had –

BCS Standings November 5

1 Ohio State
2 Michigan
3 Louisville
4 Florida
5 Texas
6 Auburn
8 California
9 Notre Dame
10 West Virginia
11 Arkansas
12 LSU
13 Rutgers

Suddenly, 5th ranked Louisville is number three and (repeat after me) they were “good enough in fact that, if they won out, they would play in the BCS Title Game”.

Well, Louisville lost to undefeated Rutgers. So, let’s look at this logically – undefeated West Virginia – good enough for 3rd, which is beaten by undefeated Louisville, making them good enough for third, which is beaten by undefeated Rutgers, making them good enough for – well, your guess is as good as mine. But, if the other two were good enough for 3rd, wouldn’t Rutgers have to be?

Look at their schedule, you say! Well, it is pretty weak, but note the following –

They beat Illinois 33-0, while 1st ranked Ohio State managed to only beat the Zooksters 17-10.

They beat Navy 34-10. Navy scored 14 on Notre Dame.

They beat Pittsburgh 20-10. Pitt is a respectable 6-3. They also beat 6-3 South Florida.

And now, they have beaten undefeated Louisville.

But they didn’t just beat them – they shut them down defensively. Louisville was averaging 493 yards per game prior to playing Rutgers, and the Scarlet Knights held them to 266 yards. (By contrast, Louisville had 468 yards against West Virginia). Rutgers shut down the Cardinal’s passing game, holding them to 100 less yards then their season average, harassing and sacking Brohm all day.

Rutgers still has to play at West Virginia on December 2nd, and there is certainly no guarantee, or perhaps even likelihood they will win there.

However, they should be ranked 3rd in the BCS right now. If not, then it never made any sense whatsoever that Louisville and West Virginia were.

Making sense has never seemingly been one of the BCS’s strong points. And, if by next Sunday Rutgers is not ranked 3rd, it is simply stuck on stupid.


FishFan-GatorMan said...

I was thinking the same thing. Sounds like Rutgers is going to get the shaft for one reason: They started too low. Does that make any sense? If they beat the teams that were high in the rankings then they should be high. But since the pollsters have become conditioned to just bumping everybody up one spot when a team at the top loses, you just run out of time.

For more go to BCS Guru

Anonymous said...

The BCS rankings continue to be garbage. I don't think you'll ever find anyone to disagree (except if they work for the BCS).

I am rooting for Rutgers (Schiano = from The U) and hope they somehow creep up (no offense to you guys)... though you're right - if they're not 3rd after beating WVU, then something is wrong. And if the winner of OSU-Mich destroys the loser, 2nd place is for either Rutgers or Florida if they win out (even if USC or Ark or ND win out, I don't think they deserve it over UF and RU).

(On a related note: If Boise State wins out they should get a pat on the back but not BCS bowl game.)